5 tips on how to sell a property quickly

5 tips on how to sell a property quickly

Selling a property quickly like capital smart city has been a challenge for brokers. However, there are good practices that can help the real estate professional to sell more – and better.

Although many are discouraged, due to falling property prices, reduced credit for real estate financing, or consumer behavior, which has changed because of the crisis, it is important to note that people continue to invest in real estate.

So, if you want to improve sales, just read this article to the end and start putting the tips into practice. Good reading!

1. Sell property quickly: understand market opportunities

The current economic moment in Brazil closes some doors but opens others. It is clear that more expensive properties, in highly valued areas of the city, are more difficult to sell.

However, people still want a place to call home and, due to the need to save money, they are willing to visit houses and apartments in neighborhoods farther from the city center.

For this reason, this is an excellent opportunity to offer properties that previously did not even arouse the curiosity of buyers.

2. Know your customer

Having a clear sense of who your target audience is is critical to selling a property quickly. So, learn from your experience and understand what type of property should be targeted to each type of person.

Buying a home is a high financial investment. Then, discover the motivations that led the client to invest. This goes beyond taking recommendations from real estate agents.

Put yourself in the place of those who visit the property to be able to offer the right product. Thus, you avoid wasting your time with unproductive visits, do not damage your image with the investor and even improve sales.

3. Study the property

It is common for the client to be insecure when visiting a property since there is always the fear of doing a bad deal. Therefore, when the prospective buyer does not feel secure in the broker’s approach, it is difficult to finalize the purchase.

In this case, the idea is to list the most common questions from customers, studying how to answer them in an original and sincere way. This is a simple way to turn the visitor’s fear into credibility for the broker.

4. Understand the customer’s habits

If you live in a hot city like Rio de Janeiro, you may have noticed that it is more difficult to sell houses in the summer, right? Well, there are factors that have no direct connection with the real estate market, but that, even so, can influence sales.

Just as people avoid walking in the summer, anyone who decides to visit properties at this time of year usually shows a hurry to close the deal. Watch for these signs.

5. Invest in photos

Use social networks, like Instagram, to advertise properties. In addition to being good for promoting ventures, the professional use of social networks gives credibility to the broker, since when a client searches for the name of the professional on search engines the occurrences will be higher.

A beautiful photo can arouse the curiosity of people who, at first, were not even thinking about buying a house.