Famous brokers: learn market lessons from these 4 names

Famous brokers: learn market lessons from these 4 names

In a market as valued and competitive as real estate, watching inspiring stories is always a positive point for those who want to improve their performance and expand their chances of achieving success in this sector. Within this context, meeting some famous brokers can be quite interesting!

There are people who really make a difference and can motivate other professionals to seek their best, with valuable lessons on how to do well in the business and win customers more easily.

Are you interested? So, check out the list with some inspiring professionals that we prepared in today’s post!

1. Guilherme Machado

Guilherme Machado is not only one of the famous brokers that you cannot miss, but he is also one of the most requested speakers in the sector today.

He works with courses and training for brokerage professionals, betting on training as a differential to achieve prominence in the market.

Guilherme started his career as a mere cosmetics retailer and only entered the real estate business when his supplier went bankrupt. However, he fell in love with the area and has already worked in several positions – as a real estate manager, executive director, partner and salesman itself -, developing as a complete professional.

2. Marcos Cohen

Marcos Cohen is a Brazilian who works in the competitive real estate market in New York and has already received the award for the best broker in the city. The now famous professional arrived in the United States looking for a job and is now recognized as one of the people with the greatest capacity to sell properties on the planet!

The carioca from the Tijuca neighborhood speaks several languages ​​- which is essential in such a cosmopolitan place and which receives investments from the most diverse countries. Charismatic and very professional, Cohen earns high with the commission in a market in which the square meter can cost a stratospheric $ 70,000.

3. Cristiano Piquet

Cristiano Piquet is also one of the famous brokers that can be an inspiration to anyone. It is estimated that he has already negotiated more than R $ 500 million in real estate for Brazilian clients in Miami – which is a market that attracts more and more investors and people who want to diversify their applications.

He owns Piquet Realty and also operates elsewhere in the United States, although the focus is effectively the state of Florida. Among famous buyers of your company, we can mention Roberto Justus and Amaury Junior.

And Piquet specializes in luxury: he takes interested parties to get to know the properties in a Rolls Royce and schedules panoramic flights.

4. Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund is a Swede based in the United States and works as a realtor, in addition to participating in a famous reality show on the subject, called Million Dollar Listing New York. The program was very successful and is already going to its fifth season on television.

The premise is to deal with the day-to-day lives of some of the leading brokerage professionals at the Big Apple, which is one of the most valued and competitive markets in the world. Eklund’s prominence is so great that he has stamped the cover of several magazines and periodicals, such as the New York Times.