Listening to the client: why do realtors need to (re) learn?

Listening to the client: why do realtors need to (re) learn?

Listening to the customer is fundamental for any company, regardless of the market segment in which it is inserted. Especially in times as competitive as today, betting on this strategy can be the difference between being successful in your industry or even closing your doors sooner than expected.

In the real estate sector, things do not change much, and realtors need to (re) learn to listen and, above all, understand the needs, desires, goals, expectations and demands of their audience.

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Knowing the customer’s wishes

Listening to the client is essential because establishing a connection with your audience is very important for your success as a professional, even more acting as a realtor.

Trading in this market involves thousands or even millions of reais, and this type of investment makes anyone think hard before deciding.

And it is in this aspect that knowing how to listen to the wishes and desires of the customer is essential, especially when you want to sell the dream of homeownership. Without this, you will not be able to properly understand what people want and how you can use your knowledge and skills to achieve this.

Practice consultative selling

The concept of consultative selling can be understood as the process in which a professional seeks to position himself much more as a consultant than as a mere traditional salesperson. This represents a logical evolution of the approach that is taken with customers, with the adoption of a more active stance in the commercial relationship.

The objective of this change is to understand and meet the current needs of the public, generating more value during the purchase decision process, with the intelligent use of strategic information and pertinent questions. The goal is to set up a whole process based on meeting the needs of these people.

Increase your availability

A key step in listening to the customer more efficiently is to increase their availability, and today’s technology helps a lot to achieve this. It is essential, for example, to be present on the main social networks and use these media as a way to get closer to your audience.

The phone is still important and you need to make sure that your cell phone is charged all day, preferably with at least two chips from different carriers. Communication apps are also on the rise and you can’t help but check (and respond) to your inbox.

Listening to the customer in practice

In practice, listening to the customer can favor closing deals in many different ways. A good example is when the realtor realizes that the person is interested in an acquisition but possibly does not have the necessary resources for a cash offer.

In this case, the attentive and active professional can indicate bank financing and, anticipating the needs of that person, seek the best alternatives for that profile and that purchase range in several banks, financial institutions or even in construction companies or developers.