Personal marketing: does it make a difference in the real estate market

Personal marketing: does it make a difference in the real estate market

It is not necessary to be a broker to understand that the presentation of a property is everything when closing its sale or rent. After all, since the first impression is what remains, it is necessary to add value to the image of that space to delight the customer.

This reality is not much different when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. For this reason, so many professionals know that they must be concerned with their professional identity in order to stand out among competitors and promote a reliable image in front of their audience.

In this post, you will learn a little more about the importance of personal marketing to brokers through some important attitudes to favor your professional posture. Check out what they are next!

Develop a personal brand

When thinking about the profile of your audience and their needs, it is important that the broker knows how to build a strong personal brand to relate to them. To do this, focus on your strengths when creating the image that you want people to relate to your name.

In this case, it is worth hiring a professional to help you develop a visual identity for your brand, including logo, business cards, website and whatever else you want.

Learning to do good networking

Many people say that what counts in the Brazilian market is the IQ (“Who Indicates”). For this reason, the creation of a wide network of connections is part of a good personal marketing strategy to increase the broker’s self-promotion opportunities.

Always being in contact with your client, showing yourself available and going to environments that favor collective living are good attitudes to put networking into practice and even manage to win new partners or customers.

Count on technology

The use of electronic devices can provide a lot of practicality for any broker. Imagine being able to take a virtual tour or present a property using just a tablet or smartphone, without having to force the customer to travel?

More than that, the most modern technological tools also:

  • organize the professional’s agenda;
  • monitor your productivity;
  • streamline procedures;
  • impress customers;
  • Facilitate both the expansion of networking and contact with those who are already being served by the broker.

The impact of all of this could not be better for your personal marketing!

Have a presence on social networks

To interact with your audience, nothing better than being available online. By creating profiles in line with the personal brand you are committed to building (in networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram), you are able to show a little of your professional personality and can even engage followers who want to know your work better.

You can also create a blog to produce relevant content about the real estate market and publicize some offers online.

Finally, remember that the best way to work on your personal marketing is simply to keep your attention with your audience active. If someone sends you an email, an inbox message or asks for your opinion on any matter, respond with warmth and speed. These personal details help to ensure your credibility and trust.